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Chris McDermott

Chris is an independent Lean Agile Coach, founder of Lean Agile Scotland and Lean Agile Glasgow and knows enough about most things under the Lean Agile banner to be both effective and dangerous all in one session.

He caught the Agile bug in 2003 when, as a developer, he borrowed his brother-in-law’s copy of XP Explained (which he foolishly returned). In around 2010 he found Lean, ToC and stumbled across Systems Thinking. This led to founding the Lean Agile Scotland conference in a desire to bring together lots of smart people to learn from and to introduce others in Scotland to these ideas. In the past few years his interest in Complexity Theory has grown. His head is now a tangled mess of all of the things he’s learned in the last 15 years which he suspects it will take the next 15 years to make sense of. He intends to offload some of that sensemaking burden on you.

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