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Rachel Gilmore

Coach & Enabler
My purpose is make people better citizens. People who can confidently inhabit their space and make themselves and others feel at home enable creativity, innovation and productivity. They make space so that everyone can contribute their best. Better citizens are in balance, they positively contribute to their families, communities, work places and neighbourhoods. If we at at one with ourself, following our purpose and finding meaning in life then we are able to do this for others.

I work with individuals, teams and organisations (big and small) to help them find their purpose, let people be their whole selves and find innovative and simple ways to self-manage and be at our creative best.

Then we can really go about making a real difference to our world.

I'm curious what you are making a difference about... do come and tell me all about it.

Also, founder of:
- Tribe Brighton a 'Support Group' for Independent Women Workers and,
- Clean Language Meet Up Brighton a place to learn and practice and keep Clean Language alive and meet others who are doing that too.

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